Go …

It’s been over a month, but I had to change addresses.  I was unsuccessfully managing three blogs, 2 business sites, and my husband’s website in addition to my duties as a work-at-home mom.

I had to RELAX, RELATE and RELEASE.  Now, this blog, MakashaDorsey.com, will cover everything I want to Ramble about, “Momma So Fine”, “31: For Today’s Christian Woman”, “Relationship Rescue”, and so on.

DorseyPublications.com will house information about the publishing company and Where Words Live eZine, which will pick back up in the middle of August.  So, if you want to submit and article, visit www.dorseypublications.com and go to writer’s guidelines to submit.

Now, Lets “G” “O” … Lets GO!

Courtesy LazySunday

I am going through my lifestyle change, you know the stuff that is supposed to make us better:  being physically fit, eating right, being nice :), etc.

Yesterday, I got off to a good start.  Breakfast was balanced; Lunch was too.  But for some strange reason I gobbled down 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for dinner.  I know the reason:  I am greedy.  I like PB & J so I kept eating.

Today, things are going a little better.  I had a balanced breakfast: green tea, strawberries, and cheese toast.  However, I am trying to stop consuming dairy but that’s a whole nother post. 

I am supposed to excercise with my husband this evening.  He’s good but I don’t know how much more I can take.  Push ups, sit ups, dumb bell rows, fire hydrants, squats … did you know there were so many excercises? 

Through it all I keep thinking:  Little Black Dress.


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