A Diva’s Armor

Inspired by Ephesians 6:10-18

Courtesy imageafter.com

Be fierce in appearance and in the integrity of relationships.  Cloth yourself in elegance, femininity, and grace so that you will be revered and envied by the haters.  Your outward show should reflect the goodness within; setting the standard amongst other black women, promoting self awareness, self confidence, self worth, and the priceless value of true womanhood.  Defy ghetto ness and self hate; reject anything that deflects from being fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Therefore be complete, that you may be able to endure life’s tragedies and pain.  Be encouraged in relational difficulties, not allowing anyone to steal your strength, compassion, or joy; forgive others just as you have been forgiven so that you do not carry the burden of another’s transgressions; serve and give with your heart’s sincerity so that in your time of need you will receive what you have sown one hundred fold; and be protected by the Truth, for there is only one. 

Take time to love yourself and all those around you; make time to be loved.  Take time to pray, meditating upon good things, not bad.  And lastly, strive for perfection knowing that being perfect is not being right; it is being like Him, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, which will get you justly through anything or situation not covered in this writing.



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