PETA Please!

ba_tillman.jpg As I was watching coverage of the Michael Vick dogfighting court appearances, a brief story regarding the punishment of the soldiers involved in the Pat Tillman cover up caught my attention.  So, I did what everyone does when they want more information — I Googled it!

According to an article posted at ABC News, “the Army has decided not to punish three other officers who had been accused of wrongdoing by the Pentagon inspector general.”  

What? Tillman was called an American hero by our President and those who lied about how he died will only career-ending administrative punishments.  Where is the Justice?  Not one of those involved in this cover up will face criminal charges.  There may be a recommendation that “Defense Secretary Robert Gates strip Kensinger, a three-star general, of his stars, a move that would reduce Kensinger’s pension by approximately $1,000 a month.”

What about jail?  These people, members of the armed forces, are held with just as high esteem as professional athletes.  We salute them and the flag at every sporting event.  Tillman was a soldier who walked away from a huge NFL contract.

Do we not care about this man because he was rich?  His mother, Mary, told the AP:  “I’m not satisfied with any of it.”  She shouldn’t be.  ESPN has spent countless hours reporting on the Michael Vick incident without much more than a hiccup about this family’s injustice. 

Where is PETA?  They are out picketing the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons, Nike, and the Courts regarding ending Michael Vick’s career, endorsements, and income.  Who is picketing the U.S. Government?  Not PETA.  They only care about animals, not slain American heroes.

News references taken from ABC News.


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  1. I mentioned this last week to a few friends. The same energy that’s being used to picket the NFL, etc; should be used in fighting injustices against HUMAN beings.

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