So Vick's a Pickaninny

Michael Vick Chew ToyAs I was tag surfing this morning I came accross a post that contained a picture of the Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy.  Disgusted at the Samboish caricature of the NFL Star, I clicked on the link to the site marketing it. 

Vick Dog Chew is a site operated by An Animal Abuse Awareness Group with the following claim posted above this degrading picture:


Translation:  We are doing this to get rich but will donate some of the profit to charity if we make enough money.  However, please still buy our product and donate to animal shelters because you like dogs animals more than n!$$@s people who abuse them.

LOOK at the image of the toy.  It is a PICKANINNY!  According to Jim Crow, The Museum of Racist Memorabilia. Ferris State University “The Picaninny Caricature”, “Picaninnies had bulging eyes, unkempt hair, red lips and wide mouths into which they stuffed huge slices of watermelon.”

Should our black athletes be reduced to this?  While I understand how everyone could be dissappointed in Vick for being around and possibly participating in dogfighting, what I don’t understand is why the black community is not supporting him.  He has been accused not convicted and we are fleaing from him like the Black Plague. 

Do we not care about our black men?  If Vick was involved with dogfighting shouldn’t he get the same kind of understanding as Tim Donaghy for fixing games.  Donaghy has a problem; why doesn’t Mike have one?  It’s because he is black — a black man.

Wilkipedia states, “the picaninny was seen as one of a multitude of black children – disregarded and disposable.” I have two sons and they are not to be disregarded and certainly are not disposable. My heart aches for Micheal’s mother because he has beed disregarded by his black family and disposed of by white America, the media, and the NFL.


5 Responses

  1. How is the chew toy any different in appearance when compared to the Michael Vick Bobble Head that Michael Vick sells on his own website??(

    Last but not least each person is responsible for his/her own happiness. No one can really make you happy . You and only you can make yourself happy.

  2. is not Vick’s site; is. Either way, the “toy” above looks nothing like those at

    I don’t understand the last part of your comment. Happiness has nothing to do with my blog entry.

  3. What they’re doing to this man is horrible. A dog toy!!!! What the hell is that all about. This is outright in your face racism at it’s best. This man hasn’t been convicted of anything but everyone from NiKe to the public are finding him guilty before the gavel even strikes the wood. As for the comment from Linda. Would you want someone to make a dog toy in your image?

  4. Well, at least they got this part right in their disclaimer: “Any similarities to The National Football League MVP and All Star Michael Vick are false.” I’m in agreement with you about the look of the toy – it is overtly racist. Hopefully these guys don’t manage to make any serious money off of this.

    On to the other points, I can’t really speak for whether the black community is abandoning Vick, but I have noticed the NFL seems to be throwing him under the bus without a conviction. However, I don’t really believe that’s for racial reasons. Off the top of my head I can think of other black players who were basically protected by the NFL during criminal proceedings. Ray Lewis never even had a suspension when he faced murder charges and eventually plea bargained out of it. Eric Warfield had a felony third DWI and was under house arrest, but only given a four game suspension by the NFL. I think the problem for Vick is that the details of the affidavit provoked outrage in the U.S. population at large, and the NFL felt it had to disassociate from him. Too many details were known and they could not abide by “innocent until proven guilty” and be seen as sympathetic to dog fighting. It’s really hard to say who’s in the right here. I understand the NFL’s distancing themselves from the situation, but I also think that in light of the way other athletes are being treated (Chief Jared Allen just had his suspension for a second DWI reduced from 4 games to 2), there seems to be a precedent for allowing due process.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. No, I woudn’t want someone to make a dog toy in my image.I merely stated that the chew toy looks similar to the Michael Vick Bobble Head that he sells in his own store. But if I were in that situation where someone decided to make a chew toy in my image , I need to realize that I can either make myself unhappy or happy about it . No one in this world makes you a victim unless you give your permission. No one in this world makes you sad, unhappy or even happy etc. You and you alone are responsible for your own state of being. Being unhappy or sad about any situation isn’t really going to change that situation. What you focus on expands.
    People on both sides of the Michael Vick controversy are assuming that he is either guilty or not guilty before he’s had his day in court.
    I believe all of us need to be held accountable for all of our actions whether they be positive or negative. For every action there is a reaction and whether we like it or not ,we deal with the “effects” of our actions even though we may not end up in court or prison.
    In every race and religion you will find those people who quietly go about the business of making this world a better place for everyone. What they focus on expands.

    In e

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