MUSE: OJ Didn't Do It … Himself

NFL Legend, O. J. Simpson, is in court yet again.  This time he is not fighting against murder charges but against a laundry list of charges including armed robbery, kidnapping with a weapon and conspiracy.  

However, this post has absolutely nothing to do with that.  Have we really considered that O. J. may not have gotten away with murders he committed himself? 

I think about the glove, the evidence, etc. – a man in a rage would have been messy.  I even think of the recent episode of Oprah where the ghost writer of “If I did it”, Pablo Fenjves, claims that O. J. said something about how “the dog wagged his tail” when it saw Goldman.  If in fact O. J. became upset about the do and become enraged, he would have been loud, cussing, and hissing.  The neighbors only heard a dog barking.That is so weird to me.  

Is it possible that O. J. was snooping around one day and saw Goldman and Nicole together and realized that the dog knew Goldman?  Maybe then he became upset and hired someone to get rid of Nicole.  Unfortunately, Ron may have gotten caught in the crossfire. 

What do you think?


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