5 Signs you spend a lot of time on Twitter

Twitter Class of 2008 by mallix


  1. You hand write a note to your child’s teacher and the salutation is “Dear @msjones”
  2. You are fluent in “Twanguage” – Twitter Language: Twamily, Tweople, and the like.
  3. You think in 140 characters or less.
  4. You dream that your are having an in person conversation with @chrisbrogan, a person you’ve never met, but instead of hearing his voice he speaks on text balloons of 140 words or less.
  5. Your husband finds out you are pregnant at the same time as your 20,000 Twitter followers.
    photo credit: mallix on flickr

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Happy New Year

Did you really think I would let the first day of the New Year pass without a post? Well, I have in the past but not this year. This is my year to write, to work.

I am thankful. Are you?

5 Steps to Receiving Better Customer Service

Long ago are the days when "service with a smile" and exceeding customer expectations" were more than just tag lines.  The ideals of customer satisfaction and "the client is always right" have taken a backseat to the quick sell, got your money, don’t care if you received or even liked your product business practices, both on-line and in brick and mortar establishments.

You’ve been at ABC Restaurant when the service associate failed to greet or even acknowledge your presence because she was too busy talking to her baby daddy cousin through an annoyingly, cockroach looking Bluetooth headset while texting her BFF about how annoyed she is with all the customers coming in for food.  When she finally greets you its with a blank stare or a flat harsh, "what you want" instead of "how may I help you".

What’s even worse is that when you ask for a manager because they’ve brought your order to you 4 times and its still wrong, he gets an attitude because he was on the phone with his momma.  Fed up, you take the screwed up order and the number to the customer complaint line, which is thrown into the bottom of your purse with the ones from the bank, supermarket, shoes store, and two grocery stores, because your lunch break is almost over.

Stop giving away your money!  Factored into every price for every product you will ever purchase is overhead.  Service is a part of the price so why not demand better service?  Below are 5 things you can do to get better service.

5 Steps to Receiving Better Service

  1. Be Nice and Follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Your aura proceeds you and your voice tone can provoke defensiveness in others.  Pay attention to your facial expressions, make eye contact, and be pleasant when conducting business.
  2. Shop, Pay Bills and Conduct Banking Transactions During Non-Peak Hours.  When I told my girlfriend this she laughed and said, "They get paid to work all day, so they should be nice all day."  That’s true but everyone does not follow step number one which may cause your service representative to still be in defense mode when you reach her counter.  This also prevents you from developing a bad attitude because your wait is not as long as it would be during peak hours.
  3. Make Friends with Associates at Businesses You Frequent.  Following step one will make this step much easier.  If you are nice, Service Sam won’t have the there goes mean Shopper Sue attitude when he sees you.  Since you have already established a good rapport with him, more than likely he will go above and beyond with you so that he won’t have to deal with Shopper Sue.
  4. When Something is Wrong Speak Up.  If you’ve followed steps one and three, this will be a breeze because you’ve already established your self as an ideal customer.  Instead of asking for a manager immediately, try to resolve the problem with the person serving you.  In many cases, this person will acknowledge the error and proceed to rectify it.  If not, then ask for the manager or supervisor.  Usually, this will get your issue resolved.  If so, then stop here.  If not, take the customer complaint line number and use it.
  5. Stop Patronizing Establishments That Don’t Appreciate Your Business. There is an old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me."  That is the way we should look at service.  If you patronize an establishment and consistently you get poor products or service, find somewhere else to go.  If more of us had this attitude businesses would have to ship up or shut down.

I know these steps places most of the responsibility on the customer.  However, great service starts with what you project.  If you project a good attitude, 9 times out of 10 those around you will follow suit.