Muse: The Jena 6

For months, I’ve watched the news, listened to the radio, and read blogs about the Jena 6.

I am utterly disappointed in the way the media, the church, and our “black leaders” have handled this incident.

Dr. Phil, although I did not care for the way he handled the parent’s of the black students, asked a very valid question: “If the boys committed a crime, should they be punished?”
Since Reverend Sharpton didn’t answer it, I will. Yes, the boys should be punished if they committed a crime. However, the punishment should fit the crime and should be carried out in a “colorless” fashion – meaning give the boys the same sort of punishment that any white child in the neighborhood would have gotten. I am certain that a group of white schoolboys have attached just one black boy in Jena. Were they charged with attempted murder? Probably not.

While I empathize with Justin Barker and his parents, I believe that they should take responsibility in their contribution to the situation. Mom and Pop Barker, wake up – YOUR SON IS PROBABLY LYING! Peer pressure or something one of you said at home made him act out. No child in the South, black or white, can use the excuse that they didn’t know about racism. He knows, you know, and God knows.

Parents of the Jena 6 –

Michael Bell’s parents: You should have left him in jail after the bail was paid. Since he has a history of committing violent crimes, it is time that you take some responsibility for his behavior. His juvenile record should not have been made public record. However, you have to do something about him and his behavior before he causes you and the black race (you know that when one black person does something we all are responsible) further embarrassment. While I do not believe he should have the book thrown at him I do believe that he has a problem. Help him: PLEASE!

Jesse Ray Beard’s parents: He is just a baby. Take that child home and teach him that he is better than what he has been called and how he acted. Show him that the best way to get back at the people who want to oppress him is rise above them. Educate him so that he can use this situation as his defining moment. Teach him about the movement and how black men need leaders, not more followers. We need men who think with their mind and use their strength to uplift, encourage, and progress.

All the parents involved: Find a way to put this behind you while making it a part of your journey. These young men have been given a platform for good. Don’t use the media just for your benefit – use it to fight social injustice. Deep down inside, all of you know that all seven of the children acted inappropriately in some way. Barker’s, stop hiding behind Justin’s injuries; parents of the Jena 6, stop hiding behind the unfair legal system. Help you children to help the world.

Demeaning others with words, fists, or boots incites division. Uplift one another and offer the Word of God to your children:

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. [Matthew 7:120]”

The Jena 6 have been bruised and hurt by this just as Justin. The sad thing about it is that Justin’s physical hurt will soon fade away but the pain of being called the “N” word never dies. Every time the Jena 6 look in the mirror, go through routine traffic stops, or see a police officer the fact that they are black men will put fear in their hearts – especially when much of the majority treats them, their families, and friends like they truly are the epitome of the “N” word.


A Diva’s Armor

Inspired by Ephesians 6:10-18


Be fierce in appearance and in the integrity of relationships.  Cloth yourself in elegance, femininity, and grace so that you will be revered and envied by the haters.  Your outward show should reflect the goodness within; setting the standard amongst other black women, promoting self awareness, self confidence, self worth, and the priceless value of true womanhood.  Defy ghetto ness and self hate; reject anything that deflects from being fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Therefore be complete, that you may be able to endure life’s tragedies and pain.  Be encouraged in relational difficulties, not allowing anyone to steal your strength, compassion, or joy; forgive others just as you have been forgiven so that you do not carry the burden of another’s transgressions; serve and give with your heart’s sincerity so that in your time of need you will receive what you have sown one hundred fold; and be protected by the Truth, for there is only one. 

Take time to love yourself and all those around you; make time to be loved.  Take time to pray, meditating upon good things, not bad.  And lastly, strive for perfection knowing that being perfect is not being right; it is being like Him, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, which will get you justly through anything or situation not covered in this writing.


Go …

It’s been over a month, but I had to change addresses.  I was unsuccessfully managing three blogs, 2 business sites, and my husband’s website in addition to my duties as a work-at-home mom.

I had to RELAX, RELATE and RELEASE.  Now, this blog,, will cover everything I want to Ramble about, “Momma So Fine”, “31: For Today’s Christian Woman”, “Relationship Rescue”, and so on. will house information about the publishing company and Where Words Live eZine, which will pick back up in the middle of August.  So, if you want to submit and article, visit and go to writer’s guidelines to submit.

Now, Lets “G” “O” … Lets GO!

Courtesy LazySunday

I am going through my lifestyle change, you know the stuff that is supposed to make us better:  being physically fit, eating right, being nice :), etc.

Yesterday, I got off to a good start.  Breakfast was balanced; Lunch was too.  But for some strange reason I gobbled down 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for dinner.  I know the reason:  I am greedy.  I like PB & J so I kept eating.

Today, things are going a little better.  I had a balanced breakfast: green tea, strawberries, and cheese toast.  However, I am trying to stop consuming dairy but that’s a whole nother post. 

I am supposed to excercise with my husband this evening.  He’s good but I don’t know how much more I can take.  Push ups, sit ups, dumb bell rows, fire hydrants, squats … did you know there were so many excercises? 

Through it all I keep thinking:  Little Black Dress.

Set …

Finally, I’ve organized my schedule so that I can work out. Remember: I have two very small children.

We are having a drought in the south so that I don’t hurt myself, I will run (cardio) in the mornings. They don’t call it HOTlanta for nothing. I will weight train a few nights a week with hubby and do yoga.

Although I plan to do a lifestyle change, I am gonna jump start this thing with the Perricone 3-day jump start plan. I will post a link to it on my “Go” entry on Monday.

Oh, well. You’ll see me on Monday.

Ready …

My baby is 13 weeks old and I’m still FAT!

Don’t get it twisted; the title of this blog is “Momma So Fine” for a reason. I am still FINE … with my clothes on. However, I want to look good naked.

Of course there are only a few people who get to see me naked or partially naked: my husband, gynecologist, primary care physician, and me. The only ones that matter: my husband and … ME!

I want to get out of the shower and not be ashamed to look at myself. I don’t want a dunlap tummy, thunder thighs, or arm flaps that wave back. I want a long, lean, muscle toned body.

The up and downside of all of this: I am married to a collegiate level, strength and conditioning coach. Sorry, he is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at a Division I school and he is fine; too fine.

I bet most women would love to be married to someone who can really help them shed those extra pounds. For me, it’s a blessing and a curse.

A Blessing
The man knows what he is doing. I see physical results in as little as 3 – 4 workout sessions.

A Curse
The man knows what he is doing. I see physical results in as little as 3 – 4 workout sessions.

I know. I wrote the same thing for both but it is a double edged sword. In order to see results that soon you must eat properly and be physically and mentally prepared. You must be willing to push yourself to beat your personal best each time you workout. If you did 100 crunches yesterday; do 125 today. He trains champions.

I am just now at the point where I am mentally and physically prepared to deal with him training me.

Mentally, I am thinking like a champion; physically, I have a prescription for some pretty strong birth control. ; )

Hey, I usually end up pregnant by session 24.

Now, I can honestly say: I am ready.