Toy Recall

I learned of another recall this morning watching the news.  This one is related to children’s toys containing more than trace amounts of lead.  As you may know, lead can cause brain damage in children and has been linked to Autism.

Unfortunately, the CPSC does not check toy safety until the products hit the shelf. We rely totally on toy manufacturers to maintain integrity in notifying us of these issues.  However, US Senator and Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama introduced a bill in May of this year that will protect our children against lead.

In his letter, he addressed the seriousness of the problem:

Over 400,000 children in this country are estimated to have high blood lead levels, with risk of serious learning disabilities, behavioral problems, damage to vital organs including the kidneys, brain and bone marrow, and death. It is simply unconscionable that products that pose such a serious and significant danger to children are so prevalent in our department stores and markets. The Lead Free Toys Act of 2007 will help us keep our children safe and healthy, and contribute to national efforts to reduce lead exposure.

Below are links to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) website:

Home Page

Toy Hazzard Recalls

Another site you may consider visiting is Mattel Consumer Relations Answer Center.