5 Steps to Receiving Better Customer Service

Long ago are the days when "service with a smile" and exceeding customer expectations" were more than just tag lines.  The ideals of customer satisfaction and "the client is always right" have taken a backseat to the quick sell, got your money, don’t care if you received or even liked your product business practices, both on-line and in brick and mortar establishments.

You’ve been at ABC Restaurant when the service associate failed to greet or even acknowledge your presence because she was too busy talking to her baby daddy cousin through an annoyingly, cockroach looking Bluetooth headset while texting her BFF about how annoyed she is with all the customers coming in for food.  When she finally greets you its with a blank stare or a flat harsh, "what you want" instead of "how may I help you".

What’s even worse is that when you ask for a manager because they’ve brought your order to you 4 times and its still wrong, he gets an attitude because he was on the phone with his momma.  Fed up, you take the screwed up order and the number to the customer complaint line, which is thrown into the bottom of your purse with the ones from the bank, supermarket, shoes store, and two grocery stores, because your lunch break is almost over.

Stop giving away your money!  Factored into every price for every product you will ever purchase is overhead.  Service is a part of the price so why not demand better service?  Below are 5 things you can do to get better service.

5 Steps to Receiving Better Service

  1. Be Nice and Follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Your aura proceeds you and your voice tone can provoke defensiveness in others.  Pay attention to your facial expressions, make eye contact, and be pleasant when conducting business.
  2. Shop, Pay Bills and Conduct Banking Transactions During Non-Peak Hours.  When I told my girlfriend this she laughed and said, "They get paid to work all day, so they should be nice all day."  That’s true but everyone does not follow step number one which may cause your service representative to still be in defense mode when you reach her counter.  This also prevents you from developing a bad attitude because your wait is not as long as it would be during peak hours.
  3. Make Friends with Associates at Businesses You Frequent.  Following step one will make this step much easier.  If you are nice, Service Sam won’t have the there goes mean Shopper Sue attitude when he sees you.  Since you have already established a good rapport with him, more than likely he will go above and beyond with you so that he won’t have to deal with Shopper Sue.
  4. When Something is Wrong Speak Up.  If you’ve followed steps one and three, this will be a breeze because you’ve already established your self as an ideal customer.  Instead of asking for a manager immediately, try to resolve the problem with the person serving you.  In many cases, this person will acknowledge the error and proceed to rectify it.  If not, then ask for the manager or supervisor.  Usually, this will get your issue resolved.  If so, then stop here.  If not, take the customer complaint line number and use it.
  5. Stop Patronizing Establishments That Don’t Appreciate Your Business. There is an old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me."  That is the way we should look at service.  If you patronize an establishment and consistently you get poor products or service, find somewhere else to go.  If more of us had this attitude businesses would have to ship up or shut down.

I know these steps places most of the responsibility on the customer.  However, great service starts with what you project.  If you project a good attitude, 9 times out of 10 those around you will follow suit.


31: Adopted by GOD!

Adopted by GOD


Mind Over Matter:  Who’s Your Daddy?

You’ve been connected to a lie detector.  You’ve been instructed to recite the first 5 words that come to mind when you think of your relationship with your father.  If you lie, you will be doomed to pay $7 per gallon for gas for the rest of your life – you commute 40 miles to and from work.  Will you tell the truth?




  1. Have you ever felt embarrassed by your family, situation, or other things you have no control over? If so, what are those things?
  2. Do you ever imagine what your life would be like if the things that embarrass you were not present in your life? How do you think your life would be?
  3. Do you ever consider GOD’s plan for your life and his role as your “father”? How so?


Scripture — Ephesians 1:4-5 (NIV)


4 For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love 5 he predestined us to be adopted as his sons [and daughters] through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will—


Adopted by GOD – Write About It!

o  Adoption changes your status from one family identity and inheritance to another.  What are some traits you’ve inherited from your family that you must adjust so that your daily life will reflect your inheritance in Christ?  (i.e., quick temper, anger, overeating, cheating)

o  How did a parent or close family member hurt you?  How did you feel when you were hurt?  What can you do to prevent that same hurt in your children or in other relationships?

o  An adopted child has all the rights and privileges of a naturally born child.  What is God trying to give you that you reject because you feel unworthy?  How can you begin to receive from him?

o  What can (or will) you do today that will please GOD?

o  What is GOD’s will for your life?  Are you submitting to it?  If not, what can you do to submit to his authority so that his will manifest itself in your life?



Please complete your name, the date, etc., on your certificate of adoption and allow someone to witness your adoption. Decorate your certificate to reflect the unique you!


You are an heir to the thrown!

 For a PDF copy of this entry, journal pages, and the Certificate of Adoption, please click here.

Caller 31 on today’s show will receive this:

MUSE: Are You a VaJayJay Nazi?

Do not deprive each other, except perhaps by mutual consent for a time, to be free for prayer, but then return to one another, so that Satan may not tempt you through your lack of self-control.
I Corinthians 7:5

It’s Friday night.  Amazingly, you’ve had dinner, put away the dishes, gotten the kids to bed, and had the chance to take a long bubble-bath, lotion your entire body and give yourself a pedicure all before 9 o’clock.  What’s even better is that the kids are asleep in their own beds on the opposite side of the house.

Finally, you think as you reach into the back of the closet where you keep your long, satin nightgowns.  You slip the black one on and it glides over your soft, fragrant skin. You stand there for just a moment to enjoy the quietness and the way the satiny fabric feels against your freshly shaven legs. You walk into your master bedroom room with the intention of starting Joel Osteen’s “Become A Better You” but your husband has another idea. 

He is sprawled across the bed, butt-booty naked ready for some action.  He didn’t even take the time to dry off, so those clean, five-hundred-count, Egyptian-cotton sheets you couldn’t wait to snuggle into are wet.  Your mood is broken. 

You are pissed; about the sheets, because he did not help with dinner or the boys.  Well, he helped with the boys but not the way you wanted him to.  You are kind of horny and you love making love to him but he has to be punished.  Suddenly, you come down with a headache, curl into the fetal position, and fall fast asleep thinking:

 “No VaJayJay for you! Come back in 1 week and maybe, just maybe I’ll be horny enough to give you some.”

Ladies, this is wrong.  If you are healthy and married, please give the man some.  There are women waiting to give him some if you slip up.  I know that he is married but you are too.  Part of marriage is sex.  If you didn’t want to have sex then you probably shouldn’t have gotten married. Communicate and deal with your issues.  Sometimes the act of sex can open up both parties and make it easier for other needs, wants, and desires to be fulfilled. 

Before Michael Richards (Kramer) made the grave mistake of using the “N” word on stage at a famous, L.A. comedy club in November of 2006 I was a huge Seinfeld fan.  Since the incident, I have not watched one episode.  But, the way we withhold sex from our husbands make me think of the Soup Nazi. 

So, the next time you think about withholding sex from your husband.  Please imagine yourself standing on your side of the bed all dolled up, smelling and looking like you just stepped out of Victoria’s Secret with your husband standing before you, hungry, waiting to be served or to serve you. 

What will you do when he goes around town looking, begging for soup like Elaine did in that infamous episode?

MUSE: OJ Didn't Do It … Himself

NFL Legend, O. J. Simpson, is in court yet again.  This time he is not fighting against murder charges but against a laundry list of charges including armed robbery, kidnapping with a weapon and conspiracy.  

However, this post has absolutely nothing to do with that.  Have we really considered that O. J. may not have gotten away with murders he committed himself? 

I think about the glove, the evidence, etc. – a man in a rage would have been messy.  I even think of the recent episode of Oprah where the ghost writer of “If I did it”, Pablo Fenjves, claims that O. J. said something about how “the dog wagged his tail” when it saw Goldman.  If in fact O. J. became upset about the do and become enraged, he would have been loud, cussing, and hissing.  The neighbors only heard a dog barking.That is so weird to me.  

Is it possible that O. J. was snooping around one day and saw Goldman and Nicole together and realized that the dog knew Goldman?  Maybe then he became upset and hired someone to get rid of Nicole.  Unfortunately, Ron may have gotten caught in the crossfire. 

What do you think?

Stuck in Place

I like honesty … so I try to be honest … even about the embarrassing stuff.

Lately, I’ve wanted to do something(s) but I am having a horrible time “doing”.  I know exactly what I want to do, I even know how to do it but cannot bring myself to act.  It is the worst feeling in the world.

I can’t call it procrastination, or fear, or anything.  I am just stuck.

As much as I love to write, I had to force myself to create this post.  It’s like my mind is racing and I can’t keep up.  I have ideas that I just can’t seem to pen.  I even write out a daily list of “to dos” but nothing is getting done.

Has anyone ever had this problem?  Is there a cure?

I am sure I will find one myself. As I am writing this post, I feel uplifted.  Almost like a breath of life has permeated my lungs.

I guess the words of Cory “Zoo” Miller are right, “The only thing stopping you is when you stop.”

I guess I’ll keep moving. 

Muse: The Jena 6

For months, I’ve watched the news, listened to the radio, and read blogs about the Jena 6.

I am utterly disappointed in the way the media, the church, and our “black leaders” have handled this incident.

Dr. Phil, although I did not care for the way he handled the parent’s of the black students, asked a very valid question: “If the boys committed a crime, should they be punished?”
Since Reverend Sharpton didn’t answer it, I will. Yes, the boys should be punished if they committed a crime. However, the punishment should fit the crime and should be carried out in a “colorless” fashion – meaning give the boys the same sort of punishment that any white child in the neighborhood would have gotten. I am certain that a group of white schoolboys have attached just one black boy in Jena. Were they charged with attempted murder? Probably not.

While I empathize with Justin Barker and his parents, I believe that they should take responsibility in their contribution to the situation. Mom and Pop Barker, wake up – YOUR SON IS PROBABLY LYING! Peer pressure or something one of you said at home made him act out. No child in the South, black or white, can use the excuse that they didn’t know about racism. He knows, you know, and God knows.

Parents of the Jena 6 –

Michael Bell’s parents: You should have left him in jail after the bail was paid. Since he has a history of committing violent crimes, it is time that you take some responsibility for his behavior. His juvenile record should not have been made public record. However, you have to do something about him and his behavior before he causes you and the black race (you know that when one black person does something we all are responsible) further embarrassment. While I do not believe he should have the book thrown at him I do believe that he has a problem. Help him: PLEASE!

Jesse Ray Beard’s parents: He is just a baby. Take that child home and teach him that he is better than what he has been called and how he acted. Show him that the best way to get back at the people who want to oppress him is rise above them. Educate him so that he can use this situation as his defining moment. Teach him about the movement and how black men need leaders, not more followers. We need men who think with their mind and use their strength to uplift, encourage, and progress.

All the parents involved: Find a way to put this behind you while making it a part of your journey. These young men have been given a platform for good. Don’t use the media just for your benefit – use it to fight social injustice. Deep down inside, all of you know that all seven of the children acted inappropriately in some way. Barker’s, stop hiding behind Justin’s injuries; parents of the Jena 6, stop hiding behind the unfair legal system. Help you children to help the world.

Demeaning others with words, fists, or boots incites division. Uplift one another and offer the Word of God to your children:

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. [Matthew 7:120]”

The Jena 6 have been bruised and hurt by this just as Justin. The sad thing about it is that Justin’s physical hurt will soon fade away but the pain of being called the “N” word never dies. Every time the Jena 6 look in the mirror, go through routine traffic stops, or see a police officer the fact that they are black men will put fear in their hearts – especially when much of the majority treats them, their families, and friends like they truly are the epitome of the “N” word.

Are Your Friends, Friends of Your Marriage?


Karen doesn’t care for her husband’s relationship with Dahlia.  Dahlia has been disrespectful to Karen by calling her names and by pursing a “friendship” with Jarious, her husband; even though Karen has expressed to the both of them that she is uncomfortable with the relationship.  To make matters worse, Dahlia has a history of being in unhealthy companionship with men, married and unmarried, and has participated in over the line flirtation with Jarious.  Jarious has admitted to crossing the line and has asked his wife to forgive him but refuses to end the relationship because they work together and because Dahlia is a Christian woman.  Jarious also feels like his wife should trust him more.

Karen feels like Jarious has chosen Dahlia over her and that Dahlia has won.  Karen has been tempted to re-enter relationships with friends that she has let go for the sake of her marriage just to get back at Jarious for choosing another woman over her.  She is tired of being disrespected by her husband and his “friend”.  However, Karen’s friend Tina told her that she should not do anything wrong just because her feelings are hurt. 

Scripture:  Proverbs 27:6 KJVFaithful [are] the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy [are] deceitful.

Solution All too often I hear married women and men complaining about their spouses’ relationships with others.  Whether it’s a parent, a friend, a sibling, or co-worker all external relationships should strengthen your marital bond.

In the Life Application Study Bible‘s concordance, a friend is defined as an intimate companion or associate; one attached to one another by affection or esteem.  When determining the validity of friendships that strain your relationship with your spouse, you need to figure out why you are maintaining the relationship by asking yourself the following questions:

Do I have an intimate relationship with this person?  If so, would I feel comfortable with my spouse maintaining the same kind of relationship with another person? 

Intimacy goes beyond the bedroom and sex.  Intimate conversations can include the discussion of finances, marital problems, and even work issues.  When an intimate relationship happens between members of the opposite sex, the natural attributions of the male and female psyche begins to operate.  Men have the inclination to rescue; women, to nurture making it easier to cross the line.  Would you want your wife to be rescued by another man? Would you want your husband to be nurtured by another woman?

Am I attached to this person by affection or esteem?  Why am I attached in this way?

For the sake of argument, let’s look at several of Miriam-Webster‘s definitions of affection and esteem.

affection:  a moderate feeling or emotion / tender attachment / the feeling aspect (as in pleasure) of consciousness

esteem:  the regard in which one is held; especially : high regard

The biggest part of this step is why you are attached to the friend in question.  If your spouse’s discomfort with the relationship is valid, holding on to that friend is selfish and may cause detriment to your marriage.  Marriage is about love. Love is not selfish (1 Corinthians 13:5).

What are the motives of the friend in question?

This part of the self-evaluation ties into the chosen scripture reference.  Your friends are honest with you about your wrongdoings and will encourage you to do what is best for you and your family.  An enemy – someone who does not love you – will tell you what you want to hear and send you off to fail.

A person cannot be fond of you if they are not fond of your spouse; you are one.  Your spouse is a direct reflection of you.  If you have a friend that does not respect or like your spouse, that friend is truly a foe.

Am I being obedient to God in maintaining this relationship?

Ephesians 5:21 – 23 is clear on how the marriage relationship should be handled.  Verse 21 states, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” 

If an external relationship causes your spouse pain, you should walk away from it.  If the relationship is a work relationship, it should be modified meaning that only situations and conversations related directly to the business at hand should be entered.  Anything outside of this may put your relationship with your spouse under duress.

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